Tasker Update: 5.0 Beta Completed Downloads Rolling Out

Tasker Update

Tasker Update: 5.0 was just published by the Developer.  After almost 10 Betas, he has finally released a stable enough version for the masses.


Tasker 5.0 Betas began back in December of last year with an announcement.  And as many of us Tasker-users saw, Material Design was among some awesome features. But not everyone cared about the Material Design facelift.  I personally couldn’t wait for it.  I stayed abreast of each Tasker update Beta using my Tasker Beta Update Checker Project and following the Google Groups posts.

Tasker Update Highlights

From the release notes page, there are dozens of changes, bug fixes, removals, and additions.  If you do not feel like reading through all of them, here are the highlights taken from the top of said page.

  • switched to material design icon and themes (Android 5.0+)
  • improved presentation and interactions
  • added approx 900 material design icons, freely selectable colours
  • added 4 themes at Prefs / UI / Theme (Android 5.0+)
  • support for (customisable) Quick Settings (Android 7.0+) and App Shortcuts (Android 7.1.1+)
  • Video element for scenes with fine control

Final Words

In conclusion, the dev gave his thanks to app Beta participants and acknowledged the existence of remaining bugs that could not be squashed prior to this Tasker release.  You could download it via the downloads page or wait your turn in line at the Play store.  Now go get that Tasker update!

What did you think???