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Tasker Tip Tuesdays: How To Use HTML Action Labels

Welcome to Tasker Tip Tuesdays​, quick tips to help grow your Tasker knowledge.  This week I will show you how to use HTML Action Labels.  If you are like me and have longer tasks that require labels, this tip is useful.


HTML Action Labels

We should all know that Action labels exist.  If you don’t, read the userguide section for Action Edit. Labels may seem familiar if you any programming experience, even beginner level.  Actions labels are the same as writing code comments.  Labels are available for every single Tasker action used.  Additionally, there is a specific Action called the “Anchor” which allows for just a label.  Although the Anchor is referenced as a tool to assist in Loops, it can be used for an independent label or comment.

Labels should be used as often as possible, probably ad nauseum.  This is especially true when tasks become large and have multiple flow directions using For loops, IF Statements, and/or Do Loops.  When building these arguably intermediate or expert level tasks, the more labels used the better.

So how do HTML Action labels fit into this Tuesday’s tip? The standard text size and color for labels is very small and only white, until it is enhanced by HTML.  With HTML, the possibilities are seemingly endless.  You can color the text, make it larger, add font styles, and even add icons.  Yes, I said icons.  I came across this awhile back from a post on Reddit.  Thank you to users /u/false_precision and /u/Ratchet_Guy for the ideas from this reddit post!

HTML Action Labels Examples

Below are just a few examples of HTML Action Labels (not the entire list):

  • Link: <a href=[“www.TEST.com”]>[TEXT]</a> (use quotations around the URL)
  • Underline: <u>[TEXT]</u>
  • Bigger Text: <big>[TEXT]</big>
  • Smaller Text<small>[TEXT]</small>
  • Emphasized: <em>[TEXT]</em>
  • Color <font color=”red”>[TEXT]</font> (use quotations around the color name)
  • Headers:
    • <h1>[TEXT]</h1>
    • <h2>[TEXT]</h2>
    • <h3>[TEXT]</h3>
    • <h4>[TEXT]</h4>
    • <h5>[TEXT]</h5>
    • <h6>[TEXT]</h6>
  • Paragraph:<p>[TEXT]</p>
  • List Item:
    • <li>[TEXT1]</li>
    • <li>[TEXT2]</li>
    • <li>[TEXT3]</li>
  • Strikethrough: <s>[TEXT]</s>
  • Bold: <strong>[TEXT]</strong>
  • Linebreak: <br>
  • Superscript: <sup>[TEXT]</sup>
  • Subscript: <sub>[TEXT]</sub>
  • HTML Icons: &#127968; &#128513; &#9989; (use this website for ideas)

Instructions to use in your own Tasker task:

  1. Copy the HTML into your own Action label
  2. Insert your own text where I have the phrase: “[TEST]” (without quotations)

Video Examples

See my video example below for exactly how HTML Action labels look in practice.


Now you learned how create better Action labels, your Tasks will be better understood, at least by you, for future use.

Further Reading

To catch up on previous posts in this series, visit the Tasker Tip Tuesdays page.  As always, enjoy and keep learning!  Until the next Tasker Tip Tuesday…

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