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Tasker Tip Tuesdays: How To Insert User-Installed Icons

Welcome to Tasker Tip Tuesdays​, quick tips to help grow your Tasker knowledge.  This week I will show you how to insert User-installed icons into Tasker.  If you are like me and have tasks and scenes that utilize icons, this tip is useful.


User-Installed Icons

In case you have not stumbled across this in the Tasker userguide, there is a nifty feature for user-installed icons.  And the best part is, there are only three simple requirements to meet to use them (from the Tasker Userguide):

  1. Icons must have a file type of Portable Network Graphics (PNGs).
  2. They must all be inside in a single folder with no subfolders.
  3. The icons folder must be in this path: “/sdcard/Tasker/.icn/”.

By meeting all three requirements, Tasker displays the folder in any native icon selection menu (not for plugins IIRC).  Pretty neat, right?

Video Example

See my video example below for exactly how to install the icons.


Now you don’t have to search around within your mobile device’s storage for the right icon and finding the icon is a breeze, especially if it is used frequently.

Further Reading

To catch up on previous posts in this series, visit the Tasker Tip Tuesdays page.  As always, enjoy and keep learning!  Until the next Tasker Tip Tuesday…

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