Tasker Notification Action Button Tasks

Tasker Notification Action Button Tasks

Quickly access your most used Tasker tasks using a Tasker Notification Action Button.  This post provides a how to with my examples using the Tasker notification action button.  Finally it provides ideas for other buttons.


Tasker Notification Action Button


We all (should) know that while running Tasker’s service it’s more reliable to leave it running in the foreground; meaning to have a constant notification in the status bar.  Some of you also realize that Tasker’s notification has a default button when expanded, “Disable”, which will turn off Tasker’s services when pressed.  This is the default Tasker Notification Action Button and it can be customized with up to three Tasker tasks.

Access and Set up How to

The steps below will guide you on how to place an existing Tasker task into Tasker’s notification:

  1. Open Tasker
  2. Select the overflow menu button and select “Preferences”
  3. Select the “Monitor” tab at the top
  4. Make sure “Run In Foreground” and Notification Action Buttons” are BOTH checked
  5. Tap the magnifying glass icon to select an existing task and it will be placed on the line
  6. Repeat step 5 up to 2 more times for a total for 3 tasks in Taskers Notification
  7. Back out of Tasker completely, which should save the changes, but do NOT just press the Home button to return to the homescreen
  8. Now swipe down to open the Android notification shade and expand Tasker’s notification to reveal the tasks.
  9. Select the task to execute
  10. Profit!



Why is it Useful?

There are many methods to keep the most used Tasker tasks available at a moment’s notice, many which I will cover at another time.  You can place an array of them on your homescreen but I’m sure most people wouldn’t want that.  I personally have a few Tasker tasks that I like to keep handy but also want a clean homescreen so this is my reason.  The great thing is that you can change tasks relatively quickly to have access to different ones.

Examples and Ideas

My Tasker Notification Action Button Tasks

I currently have 2 tasks.  The first is to open Trello.  I like to use Trello to help organize my life in multiple ways.  And the second task is to collate and list specific Google Docs in a dialog for quick editing.  Actually, I wrote that Tasker task to quickly access any current Google Docs drafts, from a specific folder for posts on this website.  This task utilizes advanced logic containing loops, if-statements, and multiple plugins; I will provide a detailed explanation in the near future.  Futhermore, the “open draft docs” button has been since updated with visual feedback.

Other Ideas

Here is a short list of tasks that could be useful in Tasker’s Notification:

  1. Turn on/off lights with your home automation system
  2. Change your Thermostat’s heat/cool point settings
  3. Change the homescreen to a specific wallpaper
  4. Send a message to your significant other saying “I love you”
  5. Create and open a new Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides document
  6. Set a timer
  7. Open an app

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