Tasker Beta Update Checker Project Download

Tasker Beta Update Checker Project

Tasker Beta​.  We, the Tasker users could not wait for this latest Beta. We were prompted about it a few months back and have been anticipated its release since.  Well now that it has been out for a bit, some of us want to stay on the bleeding edge of features, functions, and fixes.  However we have to continually check the Tasker Beta webpage, some of us at least once per day, in order to download it.  In order to combat this tedious task, I created a Tasker Beta Update Checker Project to automate this process.

Tasker Beta Update Checker Project

This project is comprised of two profiles.  The first displays a notification telling the user if there is a new beta relative to their current version.  While the second profile downloads the respective Apks of both Tasker and Tasker App Factory via the website’s links.

Profile 1: Everyday At Noon

As the name implies, at noon everyday the Profile triggers.  The profile basically scrapes the HTML code for specific text via an AutoTools HTML Read Action.  Then it captures those texts into local variables.  The final product is one of two notifications.  If you have the current Tasker Beta version, the notification will state there is not a new update.  If there is an update, a notification with 2 buttons courtesy of an AutoNotification Notification Action shows.  Selecting an option triggers profile 2.

Profile 2: Notification Buttons

Clicking either button fires a warning dialog, also scraped from the Tasker Beta website.  Following the dialog, the Task downloads the appropriate Tasker Apk and Tasker App Factory Apk into the “Downloads” folder of your device.  The process steps are displayed as running checklist progress dialogs to give the user some visual feedback.


  1. Download the Project_V2, import and unzip it to your device. EDIT: Updated to “Project_V2”.  MIME type of APK download is now set to application/ to correct filesize and
  2. download AutoNotification and AutoTools, if you do not already have them.
  3. (optional) Alter the time in the context of Profile 1 if you wish to check the Beta website at a different time.
  4. Enjoy!


What better way to automate the updating to Tasker’s latest Beta! This is what Tasker is for, right? So enjoy the Tasker Beta Update Checker Project and stay updated on the latest Tasker Beta.  If you want to get details of each release as well as stay up to date on bug fixes, visit Tasker Google Groups Forum.  Enjoy and Automate On!

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  1. Sid, this is true! I originally used that method in the past too but with the awesome Tasker Plugins that I already subscribe to, why not make it easier and more visually appealing? Thanks for reading!

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