How To Use A Custom Menu To Execute Google Apps Scripts

Custom menus execute a custom functions or Google Apps Scripts.  And they are the simplest method to do so.  The custom menu has options for submenus and dividers to group menu items nicely.  Inserting your menu is done easily using Google’s reserved trigger function called “onOpen”.  And because of this, building and including your custom menu into the UI is simple and effective.

Set A Web Based Google Doc With Join & Google Apps Script

I frequently use both the mobile and web based Google Docs for work but I prefer the web based.  I use my previously created mobile only setter method to set the Daily Doc but did not have a method to set it from within the web interface.  With that, I created a web based Google Doc setter with Join and Google Apps Script.  It’s reliable and saves me time in the field.

Google Docs Daily Report With Auto Share and AutoShortcut

Google Docs Daily Report with AutoShare and AutoShortcut

Programming to assist with mundane work tasks is always a win.  With Tasker and it’s extensions you can create a setter and getter for a Google Doc.  This Google Doc should be one used at any regular interval.  With this concept, I created a Google Docs Daily Report Setter and Getter Project.  And now I can’t live without it.