AutoTools Web Screen Checklist Manager [How To]

Build An AutoTools Web Screen Checklist Manager

Checklists have always been an effective way to get things done.  While there are a few To-Do list apps with Tasker integration, I wanted a simple checklist manager to manage all my to-dos; and of course with Tasker integration.  Continue reading if you want your own Tasker-first checklist manager.

Google Docs Daily Report With Auto Share and AutoShortcut

Google Docs Daily Report with AutoShare and AutoShortcut

Programming to assist with mundane work tasks is always a win.  With Tasker and it’s extensions you can create a setter and getter for a Google Doc.  This Google Doc should be one used at any regular interval.  With this concept, I created a Google Docs Daily Report Setter and Getter Project.  And now I can’t live without it.

Set & Get An Evernote Daily Workout Log With AutoShare

Set & Get An Evernote Daily Workout Log With AutoShare

At the age of 14 I began weight training and shortly afterwards tracking workout data by hand.  Since technology has advanced, I started using Evernote.  And it’s still a tedious task to locate the note to record reps when also changing songs or starting/stopping timers.  As a result, I created a method to set and get a specific Evernote daily workout log entry using Tasker and AutoShare.