Open a Google Keep Note With AutoShare


Many people use Google Keep for easily and quickly storing notes and lists. Google Keep is known for being a simplified note taking app and lives up to its reputation. One list I use regularly is a grocery list. I maintain it when necessary and call upon it to organize my grocery store trips. I would love to have the option of opening it programmatically, such as when I’m at the grocery store. Enter Tasker!


My Research

Google Keep

There is no API for Google Keep at this point. As a result, we need a workaround. The next easiest option would have been to pull the information I needed with an SQL query but I’m not rooted, for various reasons. I’ll write a separate post regarding SQL queries in the future. My only other option seemed to be to use an Android intent. Researching brought me to this Reddit post (HERE). I tested the method with my own notes and lists using the “Send Intent” Tasker action and it worked perfectly! Thank you to user ciaramicola.

AutoShare and Android Intents

An even simpler method would be to use AutoShare (HERE), created by the developer of the AutoApps (João Dias). One of this Tasker plugin’s functions is to execute custom Android intents as Tasker actions. Note that this is only one of the app’s functions. More of which will be explained another time. His website (HERE) has a curated selection of downloadable Android intents to use in Tasker.


AutoShare Intent Builder

This dedicated page helps users create intents HERE. I used the page to create an intent based off the above reddit post. The only caveat was knowing what the note/list ID was beforehand. The simple remedy was to assign it to a global variable and use it inside the AutoShare action. Once the intent was written and a list’s ID is known, opening a note programmatically can be achieved!

Now for the practical uses. The list I utilize the most is a grocery list. I’ve already established geofences around the grocery stores around my area. Upon entering one, a notification pops up with a button to open my Google Keep grocery list.

Open Google Keep Grocery List with AutoShare and Grocery List Example

Here are the video examples. The first is the Tasker task using AutoShare to open the grocery list. The second is opening the grocery store list while at the grocery store. Hope you enjoy!

Update 1

Since I originated this post, João Dias and I worked on a fully programmatic method to query your notes and open them using a few different AutoApps. See the post HERE and also HERE!

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