Initial Tasker Configuration Checklist

Initial Tasker Configuration Checklist

I have been a Tasker user for about 5 years now. During that time, I have had to configure Tasker from scratch more times than I can remember! I configure it the same way every time. And every time I do it I tell myself I need to keep a list so as to stop the head scratching while trying to remember. Continue reading for a reference to an initial Tasker configuration checklist.

Since it is currently the Fall season and many people typically acquire new mobile devices around this time, I thought this would be the perfect time for this checklist. I was given a Pixel2 XL as a gift thanks to my Fiancé and therefore had the same issue, but on purpose.

Initial Tasker Configuration Checklist

Albeit, you probably configure Tasker differently than mine. Use the below-mentioned list as a guide and start your own without the headaches!

Well, without further adieu, below are the typical settings and adjustments I use to get me automating my life on no time:

Turn Off Battery Optimization

Introduced in Android 6.0, Doze mode allowed for apps to effectively stop working until they needed to be accessed. Because of this, users were and still are experiencing stoppages in their Tasks. This was mainly because Android listed Tasker to be “Battery Optimizated”. Enter the Battery settings and set Tasker (and all the other AutoApps/Bald Apps/Nick Mowen Apps) to “Not Optimized” to remedy this. Problem solved!

Uncheck Beginner Mode

There are certain settings and advanced features of Tasker only available if Beginner Mode is unchecked. Check them out on this post: Tasker Tip Tuesdays: Disabling Beginner Mode

Backup Global variables

Aside from performing a backup through either the cloud or the locally, you need to backup Tasker’s Global Variables as well. Reddit user /u/Ratchet_Guy for this post on [HOW TO] Backup / Restore All Global User Variables in Tasker

Use A Lock Code

Like some people, I have sensitive data contained within my Tasker variables and Tasks/Profiles/Projects. I would hate if someone were to obtain this information so i use a Lock Code. See the Tasker Tip Tuesdays post on How To Use A Lock Code

Theme Tasker

Changing the colors of Tasker to more than just a light and dark theme was added with the 5.0 update earlier this year. I change my Tasker to a dark theme with a teal accent color. Find the theme colors in the preference menu under the “UI” tab.

Download Userguide Offline

While I stated above that I have been a Tasker user for a very long time, I still check the Userguide when I have questions. I also do not want to rely on an internet connection to view the Userguide so I download it offline right away. Enter the Preferences menu under the “UI” tab at the very bottom. Uncheck “Always View Help Online”.

Establish Notification Action Buttons (NAB)s

NABs are perfect for quick access to named Tasker Tasks regularly used. I currently utilize one to open Trello to quickly jot down notes for future articles.

Set up Quick Settings Tasks (Tiles)

Tasker introduced a native version of Tiles with the 5.0 update. Tiles are another lightning fast method to access your Tasks. See the Tasker Tip Tuesday Post for more info: How to Add and Customize Quick Settings Tasks

Set up App Shortcut Tasks

Just as stated above, App Shortcut Tasks are yet another method for accessing frequently used Tasks. See the Tasker Tip Tuesday Post for more info: How to Add and Customize App Shortcut Tasks

Establish Cloud backup

Transferring from one device to another is easier thanks to Android Cloud Backups. Enable them in the preferences menu under the “MISC” tab.

Set Local Auto-Backup Max Age

Want to keep a local backup for Tasker in addition to the cloud backup from above? Select the max age to keep this backup in the preferences menu under the “MISC” tab.

Turn Off Tips

Since I am a long-time Tasker user, I (believe) I do not need tips anymore. Some of you readers might which is why this feature is on by default. I simply go into preferences and turn it off.

Turn On Run Log

The Run Log is essential when debugging Tasker. I use it all the time when locating errors and building large and small Projects. To enable it, Select the 3-dot menu from the main Tasker screen, then “More”, and “Run Log”. From there, select the switch to turn it on.

Turn Off Animations

Animations to me are unnecessary. I usually do not care much about them for an automation app so I turn then off. Enter the preferences menu, under the “UI” tab and uncheck the Animations tab.


Because Tasker is such a powerhouse there are many settings and features necessary to make it your own. Hopefully this Initial Tasker Configuration Checklist lowers the down-time required when starting from a fresh version of Tasker. Enjoy!

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  1. Again,thanks. I’m a long time user also but some of those tips are being implemented as we type,lol. Great Job!

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