Programmatically Get Geofence Name With AutoLocation

I originally created this task a long time ago out of annoyance.  Whether I was home or not I was receiving a separate notification every time one of my lights would turn on/off, due to my home automation system.  I had to do something about this because it was driving me nuts so I created a get geofence child task.  With it, I configure larger projects like my workout log, and my daily report.  I also configure smaller ones such as my home automation lighting notifications.


My Research

After a bit of thought there was no reason to be notified of a light’s status change while I was at home, for obvious reasons.  I would however like to receive the notification when I’m NOT at home.  Multiple geofences were already established, one of them named “Home”, for different Tasker Projects so I knew that if I could get that name into a variable, I’d be one step closer.  I would then only have to use an if-statement to evaluate its value before either notifying me or not.

The “set of actions” provide a local variable “%geofence_name” to use within the aforementioned if-statement.  I inserted them ahead of the actions that yielded the notification.  I placed the notification bearing actions within the if-statement, meaning they would only execute if the argument evaluated to true and otherwise do nothing.


Get Geofence Name

The task ran smoothly and I never received notifications while at home again.  I then copied that same set of actions into other tasks to use for other geofence-based Tasker profiles.  It was bad programming practice to have duplicates of code in separate locations so I transferred this “set of actions” into its own task appropriately titled “Get Geofence Name”.  I used the Tasker action “Perform Task” -> “Get Geofence Name”.  The child task would return the geofence name to its parent task.  I also made provisions for the situations when I’m not inside a geofence.  Here are some simple pseudo code examples:


  1. This will only work if you are inside ONE (1) geofence.
  2. This task was created with the intention of being a child task.  It would be called upon using the Perform Task action in the parent task.
  3. Does not require root access.
  4. Plugins/Extensions Required:
    1. Autolocation

See my tutorial post with project XML HERE and see my video demonstration below. Enjoy!

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