Set & Get An Evernote Daily Workout Log With AutoShare

Set & Get An Evernote Daily Workout Log With AutoShare


At the age of 14 I began weight training and shortly afterwards tracking workout data by hand.  Since technology has advanced, I started using Evernote.  And it’s still a tedious task to locate the note to record reps when also changing songs or starting/stopping timers.  As a result, I created a method to set and get a specific Evernote daily workout log entry using Tasker and AutoShare.


Weight Training And Evernote

My Favorite Hobby

Ever since I learned about weight training and bodybuilding I knew I would loved it.  Weight training was my motivation for staying in shape and quickly became a lifestyle habit.  I started tracking my exercises, sets, reps, and even rest periods by hand.  It quickly became repetitive.  Because of technology and my diligent workout tracking, I had to find an easier solution.

Evernote As A Tracking App

Evernote is my perfect solution for Workout Tracking and quickly became my favorite.  I tried a few others but none swayed me otherwise.  I have a dedicated workbook with each note representing a workout.  Every day I go to the gym I copy an existing note in the workbook.  I change the date, review my previous workout data, and finally I set goals for the workout.  While at the gym, I update the workout log as I go.  During my workout, I alternate between Google Play music, the stopwatch, and Evernote.  Sometimes it can be a hassle to reload the app, locate my workout note, and make changes within a short rest period.  In my opinion, I knew I needed to minimized the hassle.

Tracking Workouts Using Tasker And AutoShare

The Setter

AutoShare Commands are used in the setter action.  AutoShare allows you to create custom share commands to react to.  And after creating the command in the AutoShare app, the rest is simple.  When used for tracking my workouts, the workout log is shared via a specific Autoshare command.  The associated profile parses the local variable %astext for the Evernote GUID.  Additionally, the task appends the date to the variable and saves it a Tasker global variable for later use.

Setter Tasker Task Screenshot

The Getter

My workout log is called at a moment’s notice using an AutoShare action.  This only applies after setting the workout log.  Another feature of AutoShare is it’s ability to intercept an App’s Intent.  Evernote has AutoShare Intents which are downloaded and referenced for the workout log getter Tasker task.  The workout log getter references the global variable set from above and opens the correct Evernote note using the GUID.  Also, it verifies that the workout log is for today’s workout.  If it isn’t for today’s workout, some visual feedback notifies the user to create and set a workout lot and opens Evernote.

Use At the Gym

The Evernote workout log task is only available while at a gym.  A distinctly named geofence is placed around the gym using AutoLocation and once inside I can get the geofence name.  And as a result, the getter is available programatically one of two ways.  First, it is placed in a custom AutoNotification Notification Button.  And second, it is a homescreen shortcut on my custom KLWP Gym homescreen.

The Evernote Daily Workout Log Project

Since creating the Evernote Daily Workout Log Project, tracking my workouts has never been faster and easier.  I can effortlessly view and update my workout log on the fly.  It also works at any gym; assuming I’ve previously established a gym geofence.  Additionally, I get the workout log in multiple ways; once set.  And finally, I programmed error logic so the tasks run smooth

The methods applies to different types of daily/weekly/hourly/bi-monthly Evernote notes.  Because of this, take this idea and manipulate it to suits your specific needs.  The notes don’t even need to be during a time interval; a note can represent a mileage tracker for work for example.  “Set” and “Get” your own mileage log, hourly phone battery log, daily work site report, daily water consumption log, etc.  Also see my post no How To Create A Daily Evernote Note Setter & Getter for the full Tasker project XML.

2 thoughts on “Set & Get An Evernote Daily Workout Log With AutoShare

  1. Looks intriguing. i don’t need this for workouts yet, but it could be useful for my 5-minute journal. i created a Journal-entry system with Evernote, but there’s still a lot of manual steps. i wonder if this could help. i’ll have to try it out and see.

  2. This might be the way to call upon it when you need to write in your journal. You can set it everyday and then when you need to write in it, use the getter (tailored to your specific uses) to call it whenever you need it! Maybe I can help, what steps do you take for this project?

    also…. Where did you get the idea for a 5-minute journal? Tim Ferriss? Just wondering, as I’m a fan of his as well.

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