Tasker-Built Display Timeout Tile With AutoNotification and Snackbar Tasker Plugin


Display Timeout Tile


It wasn’t until Android 7.0 and the release of the “Quick Settings Tile API” when Google officially allowed users to customize the quick settings panel.  Before that Android users had to resort to installing a custom ROM or using an Xposed module; which would require a rooted device most of the time.  I loved being able to have more control over my device but it just wasn’t worth the headache of worrying about a bootlooping or the SOD.  One of my favorite customizations was to be able to change the display timeout tile quickly using a tile inside the quick settings panel.  Now with Android 7.0, I won’t have to go through any previous headaches!


Enter our friend João Dias (Joaomgcd), famous for AutoApps Tasker extensions.  He updated AutoNotification beta shortly after the API was made public to take advantage of the new API.  Now Tasker users were able to create and react to custom tiles, thank you João!

My Display Timeout Tile Project

After release, I created the project.  It consists of 1 task and 1 profile.  The task initializes the AutoNotification tile.  From then on the user can use the Tile to activate the profile.  Pressing the tile activates the profile.  The user can then select a quantity from the bottom sheet menu to set the device’s display timeout.  The task uses AutoNotification for the tiles and another plugin called “Snackbar Tasker Plugin” by great developer, Nick Mowen (Visit his Google Plus community HERE for more info).  The Snackbar Tasker Plugin has multiple Tasker actions but the ones used in my code logic are “Bottom Sheet” and “Snackbar Without Button”.  They work perfectly in my project and meet Google’s Material Design.  Thank you Nick.  Below is a screenshot of my Display Timeout Bottom Sheet.



Display Timeout Tile Use Cases

Now that I can change the display timeout quickly I use it all the time.  A perfect example would be when I am looking at a recipe while cooking and I need the screen to stay on so I can grab ingredients or stir dinner.  Another example is when I need to conserve battery and set the timeout to the smallest amount, 15 seconds.  Depending on my needs I’m happy that I can program this feature into my Android device in a simple and effective manner.  Below is a video example of my Display Timeout Bottom Sheet project.



  • You’ll need to download AutoNotification and Snackbar Tasker Plugin but also have Android 7.0+.
  • Also, download, unzip, and import the Display Timeout Tile Project Enjoy!

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