How To Create A Daily Evernote Note Setter & Getter


Using the power of “setter” and “getter” methods, follow the steps below to create your own Daily Evernote Note using Tasker and AutoShare.



Retrieve any daily Evernote note using “Setter” & “Getter” methods via a homescreen shortcut.

Required Apps

  • Tasker
  • AutoShare
  • Evernote



  • From your mobile device, navigate here and select “View Evernote” to import it into AutoShare
  • Open AutoShare, select “Manage Commands” and create an AutoShare Command called “Set to Daily Evernote Note”
  • From the main menu of the AutoShare App, make sure “AutoShare” and “Autoshare Commands” are checked under AutoShare Settings

Create the Setter

  • Profile Setup:
    • Open Tasker and create a new profile
    • Select Event > Plugin > AutoShare > AutoShare
    • Select Command > Command Filter > “Set to Daily Evernote Note”
    • Back out to the configuration screen, it should resemble the photo below
  • Task Setup:
    • Action 1 – Variable Search Replace:
      • Variable: “%astext”
      • Search: “(?<=\/sh\/)(.+)(?=\/.+)”
      • Store Matches In: “%noteguid”
    • Action 2 – Variable Set:
      • Name: “%EvernoteNoteID”
      • To: “%noteguid()=%Date”
    • Action 3 – Flash:
      • Text: “Evernote Note ID Shared! You can now open this from your homescreen!”

Create the Getter

  • Create a new Task:
    • “Open Daily Evernote Note”:
  • Action 1 – Status Bar
    • Collapsed
  • Action 2 – Variable Set:
    • Name: “%evernotenoteid”
    • To: “%EvernoteNoteID”
  • Action 3 – Variable Split:
    • Name: “%evernotenoteid”
    • Splitter: “=”
  • Action 4 – Variable Set:
    • Name: “%noteguid”
    • To: “%evernotenoteid1”
  • Action 5 – Variable Set:
    • Name: “%date”
    • To: “%evernotenoteid2”
  • Action 6 – If:
    • Condition: “%date ~ %DATE”
  • Action 7 – AutoShare:
    • App: “Evernote”
    • Action: “View Evernote”
    • Note GUID: “%noteguid”
  • Action 8 – Else:
    • No configuration
  • Action 9 – Flash:
    • Text: “Daily Evernote Note has not been set! Create one and share.”
  • Action 10 – Launch App:
    • App: “Evernote”
  • Action 11 – End If:
    • No configuration

Test Out The Daily Evernote Note

  • Create a homescreen shortcut with the Task “Open Workout Log”
  • Tap it
  • NOTE: you should get the error from Action 9 above and Evernote will open
  • Create a new Evernote note, which will serve as your daily Evernote Note
  • Select the overflow menu > “more sharing” > “post a link” > “AutoShare Command” > “Set to Daily Evernote Note”  EDIT: Select the share icon > “Share” (in green at mid screen) > “AutoShare Command” > “Set to Daily Evernote Note”
  • After seeing the confirmation flash (from step 2 Action 3) back out to the homescreen
  • Tap the homescreen shortcut again
  • Now Evernote opens to your daily Evernote Note
  • Try it again with different notes

Use Cases

Now you have a setter and getter task for any daily Evernote Note.  Apply it to any situation. Set and get your daily journal, expenses, to-do list, shopping list, or general notes; all quickly and easily. I personally use it for my daily workout log every time I work out.

As always, if you don’t want to do all the work above, download the XML project HERE
See below for my video that illustrates the above steps:

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