Create Custom Running Checklist Progress Dialogs

If you have been using Tasker for some time you are bound to create a task that is lengthy.  That’s right, I am talking about tasks that are 30+ actions long, the bigger ones.  These are the ones that probably have a few If-statements and/or loops keeping the task flow on track, right? You probably just watch the screen wondering how far along the task is or why it is taking so long to perform.  All the while the screen is just stagnant. And if you’ve come across my article about tasker visual feedback you know how I feel about this situation already.  Therefore, continue reading to see how I built and use my custom running checklist progress dialogs using AutoTools.

What Is It?

An event logging checklist progress dialog (it’s a mouthful, I know) is a running checklist displaying the current stage of task.  Simply put, it’s an AutoTools progress dialog containing the current task’s milestone below a list of preceding milestones already completed.  It is similar to Tasker’s native feature “Run Log”, however it provides more detail, it is custom, and prettier.  See my example below of a custom running checklist progress dialog in practice and a longer example task.

How Does It Work?

With only some basic HTML and the “append” feature of the Variable Set action, the progress dialog becomes a beautiful visual running checklist as the task progresses.  Checking the append checkbox does exactly what you think it does; it appends the “To” field to whatever the existing value of the variable is.  As a result, the variable for the text grows.  The trickier part is the HTML code housed inside the variable value.  The HTML code adds newline characters and formats the “Done” text bold.  The AutoTools progress dialog interprets the HTML code, see video above for an example.  For more information on the Variable Set action append feature, check the Tasker Userguide and this post from the AutoApps forum.


Follow these steps Steps to create your own custom running checklist progress dialogs:

  1. Alter the variable: “%running_checklist_text” at each instance where it says “doing the [first/second/third/etc] thing”.
  2. Copy action numbers 3,4,5,6 all at once and paste into your task each time at the appropriate location.
  3. Copy action number 2 to your task and place above the first instance of where you performed Step 2. Change the variable value to the quantity of the times you pasted the actions from Step 2 minus 1. Example: if you pasted the actions 5 times from Step 2, then set “%max_progress” to 4 (5 – 1 = 4, therefore %max_progress = 4).
  4. Change the colors to match your tasks theme.
  5. Change any other settings you wish like text sizes, background colors, etc.

Other Custom Running Checklist Progress Dialogs & XML Template

Below are screenshots of an example custom running checklist progress dialogs.  Additionally, the template XML file is here.  If you did not read the above section, just instructions are provided in the task.  If you download and use my template, please let me know how you use it in the comments below!  Thanks and enjoy!

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