Common Geolocation Notification Profiles

Common Geolocation Notification Profiles

Humans are creatures of habbit.  We habitually visit the same locations and routinely do specific activities at each.  Would it not be great if Tasker helped us with these activities?  Continue reading to learn how to setup what I call Common Geolocation Notification Profiles.  Then enjoy the assistance for those routine activities for your common places.

Allow me to explain by using my personal examples.  Any given week, I go to the gym, work (office or construction site), the grocery store, and of course home.  I have routine specific tasks to do at each place.  I use a list at the grocery store, I listen to music at the gym, I have control over my home while there, etc.  And so I thought, Tasker needs to be involved here somewhere, right?!  So I created Common Geolocation Notification Profiles to help with that problem.

Logic Flow 

It starts with standardizing the naming convention for each of my AutoLocation Geofences.  Once complete, multiple geofences exist for each of the following locations: gym, grocery store, work, followed by a just single geofence for home.  Upon entering a geofence that matches against a regular expression, a specific Tasker Profile activates.  I have a profile established for each location type; one for gyms, one for grocery stores, etc.  The associated Task creates a themed Notification with the location specific Tasks as Notification buttons.  Then I continue with my day using those Tasks from the Notification Profile and profit!


  • Easy access to relevant tasks when you most need them
  • Minimally intrusive persistent Notification
  • Themed Notifications for similar-type geolocations
  • Specific Tasker tasks for similar-type geolocations
  • Easily scalable for similar-type geolocations


Follow the steps below to begin creating and using Common Geolocation Notification Profiles:

  1. Requires AutoLocation, AutoTools, and AutoNotification, AutoApps
  2. Open AutoLocation, select Manage Geofences, and create a geofence around a place of your choosing.
  3. Use this standard naming convention: [GEOLOCATION-TYPES] – [GEOLOCATION-INFO].
    1. GEOLOCATION-TYPES shall be Work, Gym, School, or Grocery Store
    2. GEOLOCATION-INFO shall be anything you want: Main Office, Construction Site, 24 Hour Fitness Mountain View, Planet Fitness Palo AltoKrogersTrader JoesWhole Foods New York City, etc.
  4. Before backing out of AutoLocation verify the Geofence Monitor has started on the main screen.
  5. Download the Common Geolocation Notification Profiles Project XML, unzip, and import the Project into Tasker.
  6. Download the Common Geolocation Notification Profiles Project Project Icons, unzip and place the folder within the main directory.
  7. Now open Tasker and make sure all the “AL:…” Profiles are switched on.
  8. *If you do not have my How To Create A Material Design Color Values Child Task Project with associated JSON file, replace the “Perform Task” Action with a Variable Set Action to set “%primary color” to what ever is listed inside the parenthesis in the Action label.
  9. Back out of Tasker and depending on what you named the geofence, a Notification pops into your status bar.
  10. Expand the Notification and tap the button to see a flash across the bottom of the screen.
  11. Go back into Tasker to add any Tasks you want in each of the “…Buttons” Profiles.
  12. Now add more Geofences at any time using the naming convention for similar locations.
  13. TIP: Add extra Notification buttons to a Profile by copying the (3) Actions labeled “button info set” and update the AutoNotification Notification Action buttons section.

My Common Geolocation Notification Profiles

  • The Grocery Store – Open and update/manage my grocery items list using AutoTools Web Screen Checklist Manager
  • The Gym – Open Google Play Music, SiriusXM, and update/manage my workout log
  • Home – Control home automation devices
  • Work (office) – Open Google Play Music and update/manage my timesheet
  • Work (construction site) – Open my daily report google doc for the day and take a report photo
  • BONUS PROFILE: Car – Open Google Play Music, or SiriusXM, or Google Maps.  This profile is not based on Geolocations but on my Car’s bluetooth connection and thus runs simultaneously with above profiles.

Further Example Common Geolocation Notification Profiles

  • School – Open a Google Doc for class notes.
  • Church/Theater – Instantly silence your phone so you do not disturb anyone else
  • Gas Stations – Open the Android Pay App to pay at the pump
  • Babysitter’s house – Open any payment app such as Venmo, Paypal, Google Wallet to pay the babysitter right away or a Google Sheet containing your or the babysitter’s schedule
  • Coffee Shop – Open a coffee shop add to get rewards, or a Task to force-connect to their WiFi network.
  • PRO TIP: Pick a theme color using the above mentioned How To Create A Material Design Color Values Child Task Project for each type for clarity
  • PRO TIP: Add other automation Actions to each location. For example, silence your phone when at School. Dim the brightness and lower the display timeout duration while at the theater.  Finally, max out the volume when at the gym.


Since establishing this system of Tasker Profiles, I am more efficient in my personal and work life.  I hope you use this system and get to benefit from it as much as I do! Please enjoy!

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