Build An AutoTools Web Screen Checklist Manager

AutoTools Web Screen Checklist Manager [How To]

Checklists have always been an effective way to get things done.  While there are a few To-Do list apps with Tasker integration, I wanted a simple checklist manager to manage all my to-dos; and of course with Tasker integration.  Continue reading if you want your own Tasker-built checklist manager.


While I could have just found a to-do list app with a Tasker Action, I still decided to create my own.  My idea was to keep it super simple with no reminders, keep all information locally, and have access to each checklist at any time.  The challenge was laid out and so I began my journey creating my Checklist Manager.

Checklist Manager Features

  • Material Design Styling for a similar look and feel of a native application
  • Navigation Menu to view and open other checklists
  • Add, Edit, or Delete a checklist
  • Add, Edit, or Delete checklist items on a list
  • AutoApps Integration
  • Debugs into AutoTools Logs for specific events
  • Automatic updates for all changes in a simple JSON object as a Tasker Global Variable
  • Open it from a quick settings tile
  • Add items from text selection
  • Add items from a quick settings tile
  • Predefined Child Tasks for Getting an array of checklist names, for getting an array of a checklist’s items, and for adding to a checklist of your choosing.

Checklist Manager Project Setup

  1. Requires AutoTools, AutoApps, AutoNotification is optional for quick settings tiles, and AutoShare (optional for text selection adding)
  2. Download, unzip, and import the Checklist Manager Project V2 file. Do not worry about the red triangles yet.
  3. Follow the steps from Build A Custom UI With Material Design AutoTools Web Screen (Local Reference) to get the MDL files into the “MDL Folder”.  Then download, unzip, and place the Checklist Manager V1 HTML file into the “MDL Files” folder afterward.  Note: the MDL references are already contained within the previously mentioned HTML file.
  4. Next, download and unzip the project icons. Place them inside the “MDL Files” folder.
  5. From the Tasks tab of the Project, replace the Project icon with the file “checklist_icon.png”, replace the “Open Checklist Manager Web Screen” Task icon with the file “checklist_icon.png”, and replace the “Add to Checklist” Task icon with the file “checklist_icon_add.png”.
  6. Open the Task “Open Checklist Manager Web Screen” and scroll to the bottom to view the Action with label “get primary color dark”.  If you not using my Material Design Color Hex Values Child Task project, change the Action to a Variable Set for the color hex value of your choice for variable “%primary_color_dark”.
  7. AutoNotification Tile (optional): Add an AutoNotification Tile from the quick settings edit screen and note the Tile number. Open the Task “Set Open Checklist Manager Tile” and verify the Tile is the same number in the Action configuration screen. Run the Task.
  8. Open AutoShare, select “Manage Text Processors”, select the “+” icon.
  9. Name it “Checklist Manager”, give it the same “checklist_icon.png” file from above.
  10. Select “No” when asked if you want to Modify Text
  11. Run the Task “Open Checklist Manager Web Screen”. The Task initializes your first two checklists
  12. Finally, make some changes and most of all, Enjoy!

Checklist Manager Demo Video

See below for my demo video created a few weeks back:



What better way to have a Tasker-integrated checklist manager than to build it yourself using Tasker? Furthermore, it is simple and easily integrates with other AutoApps within the suite. Use it for all your checklist needs:

  • Use the AutoNotification Tiles to quickly jot down items you need to remember while on the go
  • Open the manager based on your location; like a grocery list when at the grocery store
  • Manage multiple lists at a time
  • Display lists or list items on your homescreen when at home
  • In conclusion, your imagination is your only limitation!

Please enjoy this simple yet effective Tasker-created Checklist Manager Project.


  • V1 2017-10-02:
    • Initial Release
  • V2 2017-10-08:
    • Fixed bug to correct JSON value in “Checklist Lists Array” field
    • Fixed bug for command not being sent to AutoApps in “Command Prefix” field

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