About Me

about me

About me

I’m Rory and this is about me.  I’m a Civil Engineer by trade.  I love to stay healthy at the gym and in the kitchen and I enjoy pogramming.  I’m born and raised in Southern California and love going to the beach.


Tasker has made programming fun and caught my attention since I began using it in 2011.  Since then I’ve created some simple and complex projects, tasks, and projects to not only make my life simpler but also to have some fun.  Because of Tasker and it’s simple programming, I’ve extended my knowledge for learning other programming languages for fun.  Most noteably is Javascript and the use of Google Apps Scripts.

My Vision

My vision for this site is to provide tutorials, thoughts, examples, and my experiences with automation through Tasker and Google Apps Scripts.  Feel free to check out a few links below and I hope you enjoy the site!


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